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Top Gabon National Parks

Top Gabon National Parks

Tanzania. Additionally it is known as the “Green Isle.”

It is very popular for its fantastic scenery with beautiful mountains, rivers, forests and waterfalls. A large part of Gabon tourism is spent sightseeing while some even takes flight to Gabon to appreciate the wildlife and natural wonders.

Tourism in Gabon is gaining popularity specifically for African and European tourists who are enticed by Gabon’s diverse landscape and ample natural resources.

TIP! Foreign visitors should have an e-Visa to cross the country’s border. Make sure you get yours on the net several days prior to the trip! All foreign traveler should have an eVisa to Gabon at least 72 hours ahead of the travel, get yours by applying on this website

Continue reading to learn what are the perfect Gabon national parks!

Top Gabon national parks to visit

1. Loango National Park

Loango National Park in Gabon is a well-liked interest among local Gabonans, as well as foreign visitors. The park has a distinctive wildlife sanctuary, protected by law and dedicated to conservation of the wildlife.

Loango National Park in Gabon includes more than 800 kilometers of coastline, many of which is protected. It is known for its large mammals and birds. It can serve as a perfect destination to jungle safari. Moreover, it’s a planet heritage site and is considered to be just about the most biodiverse places in the world!

It’s house to a number of endangered species, such as the big five. There are numerous lodges and camping areas in the park. Some of the most popular animals to view in this park include the big five animals, large mammals, mountain goats, zebras, acacia, lions, elephants, buffaloes, and African rhinos.

2. Pongara National Park

Pongara National Park in Gabon is perhaps the most used destination for wildlife enthusiasts. This park contains some of the finest large mammals in the world, including lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas, mountain goats, crocodiles, scorpions, monkeys, lizards, big hornbills, as well as the giant anteater.

The famous river Pongo, which flows with the park, is recognized as the biggest in the world. Pongara National Park in Gabon can also be known for its breathtaking scenery. It is usually known as the “Land of Five Rivers” due to the abundance of water available in the region.

Pongara National Park in Gabon is quite popular with tourists who choose to get out and explore the jungle habitat of the animals in this park. You can employ a guide who will help you with the park to see and photograph the different types of animals!

3. Ivindo National Park

Ivindo National Park in Gabon is Africa’s most favored place ecotourism and nature lovers. It lies in the foothills of the fantastic Atlas Mountains and boasts some of the best scenery in Africa.

This charming setting is home to lots of large animals and birds, including lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, and giraffe. Moreover, this park has an exceptional range of activities, from hiking, camping, trekking, rafting, swimming, mountain climbing, jeep safari, driving safaris, ballooning, angling, snorkeling, etc.

Tourists are invited to camp in bush camps set up in the park itself or at nearby marinas. Most visitors would rather camp within the bush, which has a natural and luxurious feel due to the fact that there aren’t any man-made structures in the area. Camping is best done during the hot summertime from June to October, once the climate is very hot and humid!

Final words

Gabon offers a variety of things you can do like zip lining round the huge volcano, taking pleasure in among the world’s largest zip lining trips, mountain biking in the tropical forest, swimming and snorkeling among many others.

However, be sure to try its stunning national parks, like the top three mentioned above! Encounter fantastic wildlife species and go through the attractiveness of Gabon!

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